My local cinema(s) are not showing any of the films. How do I get them to show them?

Thank you for your interest in the screenings. Unfortunately Shakespeare’s Globe does not decide the programming of where and when the films are shown. Please contact your local cinema and let them know that you would like the films screened there.

Who can I talk to about the times that the films are shown at?

The screening times of the productions are determined by the individual cinemas according to their schedules. If you are not happy with the programming please contact your local cinema.

There is only one screening in my country/area. It's a big area how can I encourage more showings?

We want to share our work with as many people as possible. Unfortunately Shakespeare’s Globe does not have complete control over the distribution of the films. We would encourage you to contact your local cinema and express your desire for them to screen the films.

Where can I find a cast list of the production?

You can find a full cast list for all the productions at the Globe On Screen website.

Will there be an interval?

Yes, each production will have an interval of approximately 15 minutes. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the individual cinemas to increase the length of the interval.